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e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 52

Personalized employee portal: the time for us to get fit in the information

If a system can help us put all the things to look for money, and unified place to place, so working together will be a lot easier! This is all the employees are looking forward to it!

In Weaver e-cology help every employee opened a personalized employee portal: through the personalized portal, employees can understand their needs at any time to complete the task, they can be authorized to check the knowledge of the document, they need to participate in the project , they need to participate in the meeting, their work arrangements and work colleagues and superiors of time arrangement, all of which are completely personalized information technology, sitting sideways colleagues he / she in his / her system see the information is completely different.

Through a personalized portal, we can easily and corporate communications, all internal Chengyuanjinhang, Erju communication costs are lower but Xiaoshuai high, for example when I send a technical support request in time, e-cology Jiu Zidong help looking for to solve this Problem colleagues and let us know in the first time: we sent a request to be handled the situation. Similarly, companies can publish all kinds of notice or notice to the relevant internal news page, so that when all employees log their time portal, the system will allow them the first time that the company wants them to understand the information, so that can save around post or fax the company's notice!

Portal allows the company to keep operating the way 7 脳 24

Whether in the travel way, or at night, or rest, or days, holidays, e-cology of every employee maintains 7 脳 24 door open, so that from customers, colleagues, superiors of the work request can be processed at any time, and to facilitate cross-border different places of the cooperative office!



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Use photoshop to do a real tiger

Let's look at the final results graph:

Figure 32

The following is the production method:

1. Create a new file, size 800X500DPI, resolution 150.

2. New Layer 1, with the pen tool to hook a tiger's face roughly outline. (Figure 1)

Figure 01

3. The path into constituencies, and tiger face with the brush tool to first draw a large area of color blocks. (Figure 2)

Figure 02

4. Press CTRL + D deselect, and then smear tool link up the various blocks of color, the brush can be used for painting comes with PS, such as (Figure 3)

Figure 03

5. With a tiger face painting tool of Color, along the direction of Zhang Mao tiger to smear around, such as (Figure 4)

Figure 04

6. New Layer 2, the tiger face painting further, then the method above to make changes carefully and characterization. (Figure 5)

Figure 05

7. New layer 3, with a brush, transferred to an appropriate brush size, the tiger stripes outlined in black and gray face, as shown in (Figure 6, Figure 7)

Figure 06


Figure 07

8. Now can see that basic face shape of the big cats! However, census drawn the eyes is white does not look good! So I decided to first give it to do on the eyes, huh, huh! Well, one side face Xiandiu first buttoned eyes say.

9. In layer 2, a new layer above the 4 eyes with a pen tool to hook up the outline! (Figure 8)

Figure 08

10. Constituencies into the path to deeper color fill, and use the same color but slightly brighter colors, along with the brush tool to hook the lower edge of eyes look. Such as (Figure 9)

Figure 09

11. Or use the brush tool, select the beginning than the one used to fill the deep green eyes, a deeper color, along the upper part of the painted eyes and fuzzy tools available to make the appropriate fuzzy processing, and in the middle with a black painted eyes Tiger's pupil, plus the high-light, high light only with the brush at the top with a white point click on it! Such as (Figure 10) right eye, but to do so! Or more points on the copy lazy left eye in the past a change in direction, change it high light on it! (Figure 11) such as eye color are not satisfied, you can use CTRL + U or CTRL + B adjustment.

Figure 10

Figure 11

12. Eyes over, but not good-looking face, no nose! Then put the nose also unfinished it! Create a new layer above the eye level, with the pen tool to hook the nose profile. (Figure 12)

Figure 12


13. The nose profile to their constituency, the foreground color is set to C35 M55 Y55 K5 filled by CTRL + DELETE, and then create a new layer of gray to black nose out of the dark part of the coating. Such as (Figure 13) Well, part of basic buttoned up, detail the modifications changed after the completion.

Figure 13

14. Back to layer 3, that is, black-striped tiger face layer, followed by relatively big project! Tools to be very patient with a smear of the black tiger painted hair out as a root (Figure 14, Figure 15).

Figure 14

Figure 15

15. Down to first on the face of the inadequacies of some details of the adjustment, make it look more detailed, complete, such as (Figure 16)

Figure 16

16. Copy layer 1, layer in the replication effect of the use of complex points, number of miscellaneous points set to 3-4. And to affect the appearance of some points with the eraser out. (Figure 17)

Figure 17

17. Ears that may control the mouse to the high demands, I this is a direct transfer of the strokes with the brush size with color, one a painting out! And then use the painting tools to handle a bit. (Figure 18)

Figure 18


18. Well, Oxytropis almost all the same, and followed the body up! Would have wanted it to stand, but stood too tired to think about it, or let it get on the ground, and Oh! Now, in the background create a new layer above the layer, then use the pen tool to hook a tiger rough outline of the body. Such as (Figure 19)

Figure 19

19. The path to convert the constituency, with his head painted like or first draw large blocks of color, the use of tools or the pen of course, to complete such as (Figure 20)

Figure 20

20. With the smear tool tiger hair wipe out the silk thread and do the convergence of various blocks of color, they look more natural dyeing. (Figure 21)

Figure 21

21. Will draw part of the body just copy a layer, the layer in the replication effect of the use of complex points, number of miscellaneous points to 15, and then shown in Figure 3 strokes of the painting tools painting, will be increased over a complex point of the body processing into layers such as (Figure 22) look like.

Figure 22

22. This layer's blend mode to "darken" and further on in this layer create a new layer, brush it with black stripes painted body. (Figure 23)

Figure 23

23. With painting tools to draw out the black stripes of the Silk Road, to be patient, slowly wiping, after the completion of such (Figure 24).

Figure 24


24. Now the basic out of Tiger's body, but not fine, the next job is to do it the black body with gold stripes and brown fur to do more integration. When I deal with is a good small office with a painting, the color of strokes, wipe the excess with a rubber, and then use the painting tools Tu, Tu After the multilateral type lasso tool can select the back of the black tiger stripes, to do some of high-fuzzy, this is because from the perspective of human vision, gaze focused on the place is especially clear, the more distant the more ambiguous realism will be done after more fuzzy. Upon completion, such as (Figure 25).

Figure 25

25. Buttoned, the tiger has been largely about done! I just found out, it's beard and eyebrows do not give it kind of go, oh! Without a beard is not like the cat. Next we come to kind of beard. Most of that first layer on top to create a new layer, brush tool, stroke size set to 2, the hardness was 100% and then open the dynamic brush, the opacity is set to fade, step 80, then the tiger mouth quickly drag the mouse to draw the tiger's whiskers, remember to be fast when you drag the mouse to predict with confidence, or will be crooked beard, after the completion of such (Figure 26).

Figure 26

26. With brush tool, stroke size set to 2 or 3 points in the tiger's mouth some point, both cats face looks like, surely we all understand that I do not have to explain it? Upon completion of the tiger head with the way the body can interface with the Department for about a good deal, that is, there's hair to chin a little further down the draw, so will look more natural point (Figure 27).

Figure 27

27. Well, at this moment, the cat had just about enough! However, I fear, are not good-looking body that, and I too lazy to re-draw anymore! Hand acid died down briefly, and to make some sort of foil about the background and also can block some of the rough areas, so that the picture is more beautiful! On the top above a new layer, the foreground color set to green, with a fade, step 80 of the brush to draw some arbitrary line (Figure 28).

Figure 28

28. Then darker green spots and continue to freely painted, then finished the green light point plan, when James bit level, to be coated dense point, also paid attention to the rough bottom of the tiger's body parts covered with a coating of grass out, then painted a good tool to smear these lines painted pull up complete, such as (Figure 29)

Figure 29

29. In the background and then create a new layer above the layer fill with black, then painted a similar way above the grass behind the tiger! Tu use a variety of darker green (Figure 30).

Figure 30

30. Would also like the grass behind the painting tools to deal with the above as some, such as coating finished, then click Gaussian blur, fuzzy radius of 3, after the completion of such (Figure 31).

Figure 31

31. Well, thus far, lie Tiger can come to an end, and the details of the office they can then deal with treatment, and I'd say. (See complete chart)

Figure 32

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6 steps will help your career like a duck

If you find that the work is not promising, you may need for a boss. "Traditionally, what promotion means a change in position in the organization." Managing director of a management consulting firm, said, "Now, it refers to existing in-house or outside, to help people achieve career goals any job changes. "Whether you decide to stay in the company now, or intend to find another job, the following six steps will help you in business, enjoying the next level.

1. To the boss directly above target

"If you want a promotion, we must let management know that your goals and expertise to tell them straight."

Work in a finance company after two years, Lisa was informed that he would take over customer service manager. However, she did not get the job work of the most oil and water - for new customers to design training and teaching materials. This work by her new boss is responsible for.

But the new boss no time to design their own hands, Lisa was volunteered. Her new boss, said: "I'm rich creative, design and writing experience, you'll see it my" less than 3 months, she completed this work, the design of the material is most welcome. How often did, Lisa was promoted to department of Fu Zongguan located.

2. Take precautions to solve problems

Talk about goals can make you attention, but you also need to prove itself. As with many capable employees in the same position hovering over the years attest, just do a good job is not enough available. You should focus on doing the work under one.

5 years ago, Huiping as the company's personnel manager. Took office, she faced a difficult thing: because of the company's managers have just moved to new offices a few kilometers away, to stay in the warehouse employees feel neglected, emotionally volatile, Huiping a more lax people go. She then included the re-located his office in the warehouse. Later, she trained storage administrators dry Troubleshooting members work to address problems of concern to employees. As she this - cut very timely and appropriate treatment, she quickly improve.

Huiping is forced into a boss's burden, but you can not wait for a crisis to prove your courage. A professional consultant to tell you recommend the best way to prove what you find can be handled by another pile of work.

When you take on more responsibility, you should keep a note of the achievements, such as the company saves time, money, or make new products come out and so on. The results file can help you promoted in two ways: first, you can use to override the responsibility of the trip, including the new report, and the second is that you can use to rewrite your resume.

3. The constructive comments

In the past, on the boss is often the only life can rise higher and higher, but now, the management pay more attention to those who dare to express different views of employees. These people's opinions, often allowing companies to avoid major damage or trouble.

New Account Manager Jun inauguration, the next day to participate in senior management meeting to discuss the company introduced a car primer. "Our paint is always yellow." He said at the meeting, "but from conversations with customers, we know that they are more like light gray."

Although he had just entered the management, Li Jun was still calm and explain why the paint color to gray to increase sales. Today, the light gray primer is the company's best-selling products. Jun boldly put forward their views, but he is quite smart sleek, but cautious about the needs of customers.

Experts believe that Jun's strategy called perfect, worthy of emulation. That is, not directly against other people's views, but should make constructive comments. Refrain from saying "Your approach does not work", say "If so, the effect may be better."

4. Go all out to assist the manager

A strong real estate company in Shanghai, as a junior staff member. His job is to study the map, call the Company may be interested in renting to customers skyscraper construction. When the immediate supervisor that wants to call him, he readily agreed. A strong well known in Shanghai's real estate situation, supervisors are familiar with the needs of all tenants. They soon join hands, the Shisuo Chang, to convince tenants to rent them to sell the commercial building.

Over the years, They - Straight to help each other, cooperation even contact. Later, when the boss diverted as senior management consultant, he introduced A strong to very large city to another real estate venture. "The most crucial is his trust in me." A Strong explains, "Once he was looking for people to discuss big business, he knew sent me downwards they relieved."

5. To win the trust of colleagues

Infighting between colleagues competition is gone, many companies cut spending and layoffs, the employees of the increased workload. In this situation, the division of labor is very important. None of my colleagues - whether superiors or subordinates - the support, you will be very difficult to get things done.

Aviva is a meat processing company executive. For him, the support of colleagues is essential. Over the past 20 years, he started from the production line, one step promotion to senior management. Aviva often on behalf of all past negotiations with the foreman, to resolve disputes, employees have to trust her. It is this trust, so she repeatedly promoted. Management know, by virtue of the prestige of her employees, Aviva can be a competent manager.

"Was promoted in the company enjoys a good reputation." Career prospects in the new century by the Zhang Li said, "They were able soared because of the same class and supervisors trust them."

6. To create their own jobs

Even if the work is not suitable, you can still create their own posts up advancement. Saxton Bell in the famous broadcaster. Jouve company office, a senior management staff to analyze the company's many branches, develop plans to coordinate their work. Saxton to focus on Wilding film production companies. Although the company has been losing money, but Saxton know it can be profitable.

To this end, he proposed a specific marketing plan to sell the film studio proposal Wilding company will focus on business consulting and marketing new products, the supervisors have been highly praised for the Wilding immediately promoted to Saxton vice president, director of market development. Not - in work, he began to Wilding Division Chicago profit company. Saxton using performance management to prove his ability to create for themselves - a higher office.

Whether you want to present the company's promotion, or trying to look for a better job, these 6 steps will help you achieve the target on the hand, persistent, resourceful, you will find the next promotion just around the corner.

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3G birth enormous opportunities

3G "noise" for many years, so this would have strange, difficult to understand the technical terms become even Aunt street will mention buzzwords. Turn of the year, 3G "when the hair?", "How fat?" Finally have the two of suspense, "Shen settled down," reporters are not on the ministry leaders last pieces of "about how to locate," "savor "the. But in fact, more suspense, just open.
More than 280 billion direct investment, birth 2 trillion of social investment and stimulate economic growth in 10 trillion ... ... it all makes 3G understandable to become a "financial crisis" in the shadow, boost the economy a "booster" . Birth 3G licensing opportunities for this huge industry, IT companies have started get together and compete for the trillions of "cake." The face of such great temptation, who actually enjoy this music, "gluttonous feast?"

China's "3G first year"

31 December 2008 morning, the State Council executive meeting of the study agreed to start the third generation mobile communications (3G, 3rd Generation) license issuance of work, clear Industry and Information Technology related work according to procedures well.

At half past two p.m. on January 7, 2009, the Ministry of Information Industry and China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom issued three third-generation mobile communications licenses, a move indicates that China has formally entered into the 3G era, and in 2009 also will has become China's "3G first year."

After the official release 3G licenses, including a 3G network construction, the terminal equipment production and operational services, information services, including communications industry chain is gradually emerge.

At a recent "National Industry and Information Technology working conference," Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the "Ministry of Industry") Minister Li Yi pointed out that the next two years is expected to complete the 3G investment 280 billion yuan, of which this year alone The estimated investment will be at least 200 billion yuan. The experts also will expect the next 3 years, 3G industry chain will pull about 2 trillion yuan of social investment, while stimulating economic growth in 3G and upgrade the GDP could reach 10 trillion.

According to the 2009 China Mobile TD-SCDMA network development plan shows that only one of China Mobile TD-SCDMA in 2009's investment of up to 58.8 billion for the new TD-SCDMA base stations of about 60,000, in order to achieve network coverage of 238 prefecture-level city business hotspots.

Now, however, has been formed to discuss the situation of the Triwizard operators receive 3G licenses, the profit number, geometric outcome is still too early, because the 3G is expected to be able to get the number of consumer benefits are also take time, but IT industry can do much to have a share but have no doubt. This is under the financial crisis, faced with slowing growth or even decline in the IT business, the significance of extraordinary. Because the opportunity is no longer remain in the subject 3G level, but really shines into the dream a reality.

Lou Qinjian, Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry said in a few days ago: 3G terminal manufacturers will mean a huge opportunity, it will stimulate the development of the whole industrial chain, although more positive operators is a long-term, but for equipment, terminal manufacturers and other listed companies in 2009 to enhance the performance of the role will be more apparent. In other words, 3G licensing in 2009 will be Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson and other advantages of equipment manufacturers, terminal manufacturers constitute real support business growth.

3G brings three opportunities

"Telecommunications industry to the opportunities IT reorganization first, then business innovation, the last third is 3G." Taiji Computer Co., Ltd. President Liu Huai Song told the "China Economic Weekly."

"The restructuring of the telecommunications industry has brought a lot of the integration of IT resources, but also the need to re-do line optimization. This business terms from 2008 has demonstrated, I believe this demand will still continue into 2009." Song of Huai Liu said, " Meanwhile, all the telecom companies are actively doing their business innovation and provide customers with new services, which must be achieved through IT needs. Third is the 3G, because 3G is a process in itself, 3G investment in to gradually release. "

3G will not only provide opportunities for local IT companies, with their huge investment in making the communications industry in China will be the focus of international competition. Song and Liu Huai, like Symantec (Symantec) Corporate Vice President, Greater China president of Wuxi Yuan also pay more attention to telecom operators business integration and business innovation opportunities brought by IT.

"I am very optimistic about next year's telecommunications market, because companies need integrated operations on the data centers continue to standardize IT 鎴愭湰 闄嶄綆, enhance information security, regulatory compliance and better Jinxing, these are our providers of these IT services can help, place. "he told the" China Economic Weekly, "has long and Huawei formed a joint venture company Symantec has for China's 3G" ready. "

Wuxi Yuan, for example, originally used in a particular mobile companies are brands of storage devices A, with eight, nine, although there are open tender, but only the three brands A dealer's bid. The lack of competition led to high prices, service is good, but can not change cards, because information can not be shared. So Symantec is this mobile company set up a heterogeneous platform, so information can be shared. In the end, because the entry of other brands, making this move the company's purchasing costs by 45%.

In addition, the Wuxi Yuan also stressed the opportunities for information security, "Before we were afraid of the outside of the 'thief' come in, promising to be safe as long as the doors can be friends. But now suddenly discovered that 'thieves are often aunts and security', so Now anti-theft and prevent information leaks is very important. this regard, carriers also are needed. "

Operators Yuzuo "cloud"

The end of 2008, a variety of IT in the gathering, whether formal or informal, it seems that only two topics: "winter" and "cloud computing." From the current development trend, it appears that 2009 will be "turbulent" year.

The so-called cloud computing (Cloud Computing) is first proposed by the IBM. Xia, Google 鍦?network environment practice, truly making it a favorite throughout the IT 棰嗗煙, and are considered future computer and Wang Luo technology development. Some even joked that the future of the world may only have five computers: Google, one Taiwan, IBM a single, Yahoo one, Amazon a Microsoft one, that is the future world of five "cloud."

Cloud computing is the use of large-scale data centers or super-computer cluster computing resources via the Internet will be free or provided to users on demand rent way. It is a "super computer + terminal" mode, this terminal can be a computer, of course, can also be a cell phone. Simply put, that is, the terminal through the network to have been carried out on computing, storage, transfer to the supercomputers that "cloud" to achieve.

International IT giants have already begun in the "cloud" side than the edge. Microsoft is secretly developing an Internet operating system completely from the desktop, "Midori", to replace 20 years of history have Windows operating system, the purpose of large-scale application of cloud computing; Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Yahoo co-founded a series of three data centers The purpose is also to promote cloud computing.

Subject to the requirements of size and portability, mobile processing, computing and storage capacity of the upgrade is a bottleneck, but the "cloud computing" concept for this open another door. Using remote "cloud" of high-speed processing power, even if the performance of the phone itself is not high, but as long as meet with the remote "cloud" of the input and output data exchange, will be able to get the desired results.

But for GSM networks, the bandwidth is fundamental for the achievement of cloud computing in terms of a "fantasy", but 3G will all become possible. The 3G era operators have to do is become "a cloud", and mobile phone users through the 3G network to provide the services originally imagined.

"We can do is to help operators to change and strengthen the business models, such as cloud computing." Citrix Systems Vice President, General Manager of China Cao Heng Kang told the "China Economic Weekly," "In fact, in fact, many foreign carriers Start doing cloud computing, Taiwan's largest telecom operators - China Telecom has also been introduced in and we talk about cloud computing. "

"Cloud computing is not a calculation model, but a service model. Telecommunication industry in many ways and Internet companies in conflict, such as Google, Amazon, these companies have started to do cloud computing to cloud computing services to customers so that all users can use any software anytime, anywhere, any service, any one PC will be realized. If the operators can catch this opportunity, then there would be big growth opportunity. "Cao Heng Kang said.

Cao Heng Kang also said, already has a domestic carrier to do in and contact Citrix cloud computing business. "Operators should start changing ideas, not only do the traditional carriers, to think about how to telecommunications services provided through the cloud to the user. If the telecommunications industry to this direction, then, will bring a lot of IT companies great business opportunities, rather than the traditional number of equipment vendors. "



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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Graphic Norton Ghost

Study: Hao Xie

Even if you have the most advanced computer, using traditional methods, Windows installation speed is still a headache! Is there any easy way to reinstall the system do? Of course, Ghost is one option.

Norton Ghost file is relatively small, as long as a master file Ghost.exe (Ghost 2002 only 600 KB) can work on a startup disk can hold. Because it is pure DOS program, and recommends Zhang and Norton Ghost boot disk on a floppy disk. Here we take a look at step by step how to make an image file and restore the system:

Create a primary partition image

After running Norton Ghost, first see the main menu, which is the meaning of each option:

Local: local hard drives operate between

LPT: parallel port connection between the hard disk operation

NetBios: network operating between the hard disk

Option: set (usually the default value)

To stand-alone, for example, choose "Local" menu, where it includes the following sub-menu:

Disk: disk operating options

Partition: partition operation option

Check: Check function (usually ignored)

Well, to understand the meaning of the menu items, we can begin to "Hit Tour" of the.

Figure 1: Select the "partition" to "mirror"

Select "Partition" see the following command:

TO Partition: partition to the partition copy

TO Image: Partition image backup into

From Image: Image Restoration to partition

For general users, most used, or "TO Partition" (partition operation) in the "TO Image" (content back into the image file area) or "From Image" (from the image file to the recovery partition) 2.

Figure 2: The correct choice of the source hard disk

First, clean boot disk with a DOS machine to a pure mode, the implementation of Ghost.exe documents show Ghost in the main screen, select "Local 鈫?Partition 鈫?To Image", the screen shows the hard disk selection screen, select the source partition where the hard drive "1" (note case of double picture shows the hard disk).

Figure 3: The correct choice of the source area

Select the partition to create image files (that is the source partition), select the partition where "1" (ie C partition), select and click "OK" button.

Figure 4: image file name


Select the location of image file (It should be noted that the district can not select backup C), then in the "Filename" text box type the image file name, such as "C_BAK" or "C_BAK.GHO", then press Enter or be.

Figure 5: Start making partition image

Norton Ghost will ask you then need to compress image files, "No", said without any compression; "Fast" means that a small percentage of compression for the backup job, but the implementation of speed; "High" is a higher compression But the backup than the relatively slow. Usually select "High", although at a slower pace, but occupied by the hard disk image file will greatly reduce the space.

After all this preparatory work done, Norton Ghost began to make this known to you "C_BAK.GHO" the image file. According to the author's experience, the backup speed and capacity of CPU frequency and content of a great relationship, in general, 64MB memory can reach 71MB/min, the author of the C drive of about 2GB or so used, only took about 10 minutes, in order to avoid Deleted Files, the best attributes of this image file is set to "read."

Restore the primary partition image

Through the above, we have a backup in the D drive called "C_BAK.GHO" the image file, and, where necessary, according to the following steps to quickly restore C drive as it is.

Figure 6: Select the source image file

Run Norton Ghost, in the main menu, select "Local 鈫?Partition 鈫?From Image" item (note this is the "From Image" item), just choose from the D disk primary partition image file C_BAK.GHO.

Figure 7: Determine the source area

From "C_BAK.GHO" select file to restore the partition, there have been only a C partition image, so select the partition directly.

Chart 8: select the target hard disk

Choose to restore the image of the target hard disk, is generally the main hard drive.

Figure 9: determine the target partition

Select the target hard disk to restore the image of the target partition C, pay attention to the target partition must not choose the wrong, or else.

Finally, Norton Ghost will once again ask you to resume operations, and warn you, if carried out as all the information on the target partition will be lost, click on the "Y" began to recover after the operation, time and production time roughly equal to the mirror. After recovery, Norton Ghost will recommend to restart the system, follow the prompts asked to do on it. Soon a clean and perfect the basic system will re-appear in front of you.

Points in the use Norton Ghost

1, the Norton Ghost on the boot disk;

2, set the hard disk work correctly, so your hard work in the Ultra ATA/33/66 mode, make image files faster;

3, image files should be kept "clean", "basic." The more applications installed, the system was the more serious changes, installing new software is also more prone to error, so before making image file, do not install too many applications;

4, to restore image file while the original target disk all the data is overwritten, the use of any anti-delete method can not be resumed.


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Novell SUSE Lin expansion

Novell Inc. has announced the official at the Shanghai Hongqiao Development Zone, 10,000 are centers for the Novell office in Shanghai. At the same time, Novell also announced the gold medal with the Shanghai famous agent Paul Strong Linux computer (PNX), Shanghai Dong Ji (EAST-GLOW) and Shanghai Yu promise (YUNUO) signed cooperation to further improve the channel for SUSE Linux system, and to expand Novell SUSE SMEs in the East China Linux (SMB) market and the retail business.

缁?005骞存湯Novell涓浗鎬婚儴涔旇縼涔嬪悗锛孨ovell涓浗鐨勪笟鍔¤摤鍕冨彂灞曘? The establishment of the Shanghai office and co-operation agency more gold reflects Novell's commitment to China's determination to open source software industry, for the Chinese users with more valuable products, more attentive service.

"In the past few years, we in the Chinese market has made gratifying achievements, Novell Linux camp as a leader not only take root in China, and rapid development. The Shanghai office was established Novell Novell in China a sign of growing the company will provide customers with better service. "Novell said Sen Ming Chang, general manager of East Asia:" In 2006, Novell open for further comprehensive customer solutions and services, but also will continue to improve customer service, channel development, etc. side. "

In 2006, Novell combining the actual situation of Chinese market, will Novell channel system and the global management experience to China, to develop domestic partners. The cooperation of the three gold medals agent signing is famous information technology solutions provider. With SUSE Linux mature technology advantages and work closely with the three agents, Novell will not only improve its customer market, the government and big business and services, will further develop Linux SMB retail market, to bring more customers in China values and interests.


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Friday, July 9, 2010

WorldCup Flash to Mobile

WorldCup Flash to Mobile is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines Flash to Mobile Converter and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

WorldCup Flash to Mobile easy converts all popular video formats such as AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, RM, MPG, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability. The software is very easy to use. It compresses a full lengh movie into small size which can be fitted in a 128MB memory card. Carry your movie theater on the go! Watch movies anywhere, anytime - a new life style.

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